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lunar 29.01.2011 09:59 Not Responding: Has The E(gyptian)CB Been Plundered?

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 01/28/2011 16:22 -0500

We were doing some diligence on Egyptian (now historic) gold holdings but unfortunately the following link no longer seems to work: To those who guessed correctly that this is the web site of the Egyptian Central Bank, you win whatever is held in the vaults of said building. Which we are willing to bet against all that is held in our own tungsten warehouse in Kentucky, is absolutely nothing. To any potential readers in Egypt, may we recommend you go politely enter the building at 31 Kasr El-Nil Street, Cairo, go to the basement and check on the precious metal inventory. There should be 75.6 tonnes of gold. Which incidentally may also be a sufficient motive for someone to pull off a Die Hard 23.

by Hannibal
on Fri, 01/28/2011 - 17:29
"Alas, nobody is picking up." Well Alas Alah, its Sat at 3am and weekend,!


lunar 29.01.2011 10:05

Jim Grant: "The Fed Is Now In The Business Of Manipulating The Stock Market...Should Confess It Has Sinned Grievously"

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 01/28/2011 16:03 -0500

Jim Grant, who will never be accused of being a fan of the Criminal Reserve, and whose views on what will happen to asset prices in a printer-happy world are gradually being validated, appeared on Bloomberg TV, telling Margaret Brennan upfront that Bernanke owes the world an apology. Alas, after various revolutions around the world have been catalyzed by Bernanke's policies, we have a feeling that ever more oppressed people will soon see the Printer in Chief as a patron saint of violent revolution, alas against crony regimes fully supported by the US (and hopefully the US will view it the same way when its time comes). That aside, Grant's criticism of the Fed should really start to grate on the Chaircreature: "I think what would be very good for the Fed if there would be a confession, the Fed should confess that it has sinned grievously, and is in violation of every single precept of its founders and every single convention of classical central banking. Quantitative Easing is a symptom of the difficulties that the Fed has created for itself. The Fed is running a balance sheet which if it were the balance sheet attached to a bank in the private sector would probably move the FDIC to shut it down. The New York Branch of the Fed is leveraged more than 80 to 1. Meaning, that a loss of asset value of less than 1.5% would send it into receivership if it were a different kind of institution...The Fed is now in the business of manipulating the stock market." Jim also has some very critical discussions on how the Fed never settles up on the $3.4 trillion in custodial debt on its books. As always, we can't get enough as more and more mainstream figures turn to bashing that biggest abortion of modern capital markets.

by drbill
on Fri, 01/28/2011 - 16:11
Yes, the FED is a problem, but its central banking that is the real root of all our problems. As long as bankers have the power to create money (and use it to buy politicians), nothing will change. ( das nicht der gleiche Hut :confused:rolleyes)

by PulauHantu29
on Fri, 01/28/2011 - 21:25
"Why Steal Less, when you can Steal More."
Wall Street Mantra

lunar 29.01.2011 10:08

Quantitative Looting - We're Going To Need A Bigger Forklift:eek

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 01/28/2011 18:14 -0500

Following the first quantitative revolutions (of the variety inspired by quantitative easing) in history, we now have the first images of what quantitative looting looks like. If this is any indication of what to expect the next time Waddell and Reeds sells a few extra contracts, we are going to need much bigger forklifts.

by gwar5
on Fri, 01/28/2011 - 18:25
Nice car. But can you eat it? And the forklift is worth more!

by cadejludwig
on Fri, 01/28/2011 - 18:29
You cant eat cars silly, or gold... Only Apple and Netflix shares

lunar 29.01.2011 11:40

Elite Desperation Over Failing Middle East Psyops

Saturday, January 29, 2011 – by Anthony Wile

Once again, the power elite manipulates the Middle East for its own gain. It is a dangerous game, especially in Egypt, which controls the Suez Canal. Because of the violence, gold is up and oil, too. And just as I finish writing this article, the UK Telegraph has released an extraordinary story. It claims that the United States leadership not only secretly backed the current uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia, it was actively aiding and abetting the protestors. Hello rewrite!

"America's secret backing for rebel leaders behind uprising," the article reads. It explains that The American Embassy in Cairo helped a young dissident attend a US-sponsored summit for activists in New York. "On his return to Cairo in December 2008, the activist told US diplomats that an alliance of opposition groups had drawn up a plan to overthrow President Hosni Mubarak and install a democratic government in 2011."

What an expose! Unfortunately the story is developed from cables recently leaked by WikiLeaks. And here at the Bell, we don't trust WikiLeaks. Julian Assange himself may be an asset of Western intel. Of course, from the perspective of Western intel, tying Egyptian yearnings for independence to WikiLeaks may have seemed a brilliant stroke. Perhaps they believe it provides both WikiLeaks and the American ruling establishment with enormous credibility: Each can be seen as supporting freedom.

Read More

....das ist wieder mal etwas zum :gruebel :confused und genau lesen :rolleyes;)

lunar 29.01.2011 11:46

WATCH: Tear Gas Canister In Egypt Stamped 'Made In The USA'

Elizabeth Cole 38 minutes ago (5:00 AM)
3 Fans
Yet another noble American contributi*on to the pursuit of world peace.

Redemption Song II 2 hours ago (3:36 AM)
658 Fans
...the US has given Egypt billions for defense. That a tear gas canister has "Made in USA" is hardly a surprise.
(Well, actually it is surprising*...if it came from us, it should have read, "Made in China".)

lunar 29.01.2011 12:32

1 Anhang/Anhänge

:schwitz ab 16Uhr hat das Militär eine Ausgangssperre verhängt - gestern kam es von der Polizei :schwitz

lunar 29.01.2011 17:44

Liveticker zum Aufstand

Mubarak ernennt Geheimdienstchef zum Vize :dumm

Fotostrecke: 31 Bilder

Einen Vizepräsidenten hat es in Ägypten seit 30 Jahren nicht gegeben - nun hat der umstrittene Despot Mubarak doch einen Stellvertreter ernannt. Auf den Straßen von Kairo sind noch immer Zehntausende Menschen unterwegs - der Ausgangssperre zum Trotz. Verfolgen Sie die Ereignisse im Liveticker. mehr... [ Video | Forum ]

....also ich kann mir nicht vorstellen, dass das Volk einen Geheimdienstchef gerne sieht :rolleyes

lunar 29.01.2011 17:52

Profiling Omar Suleiman: "One Of The Most Powerful Spooks In The Middle East"

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 01/29/2011 11:31 -0500

From Foreign Policy Magazine, August 2009: "Lost in this Egyptian Kremlinology is the fact that neither Gamal Mubarak nor Omar Suleiman presents a clear departure from the present state of affairs. Neither offers the new social contract that so many of Egypt's 80 million citizens are demanding in strikes and protests. The prevalence of the Gamal vs. Omar debate, more than anything, highlights the low expectations ordinary Egyptians have for a democratic succession to Hosni Mubarak's 28-year reign. Those low expectations come with their own quiet tyranny, too."

Egypt Spy Chief Omar Soliman Named Vice President

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 01/29/2011 10:32 -0500

Some developing news out of Egypt, where president Mubarak has just appointed Omar Soliman as vice president. This is a notable event as it is the first time since 1981 that Egypt has a Vice President, indicating just how much of a pseudo-dictatorial system the Mubarak regime has been. We are rather confident that the people will not be all that excited about getting the former head of the country's intelligence (read spying) service as the second in command. And just like in Russia during the Yeltsin-Putin succession, we are confident that Mubarak will promptly fade from the scene as soon as Soliman gives him reps and warranties (preferably better than those by Bank of America) that he will not be prosecuted. Incidentally, the last time Egypt had a VP was when Anwar Al Sadat appointed Mubarak as VP. Al Sadat was assassinated shortly thereafter.

lunar 29.01.2011 18:16

Protesters Flood Cairo For 5th Day.. Police Open Fire On Crowd.. Mubarak Names Intelligence Chief Vice President

WIDESPREAD LOOTING.. CURFEW DEFIED AGAIN.. Israel Evacuates 200 Citizens From Egypt.. Thousands Trying To Storm Interior Ministry In Heart Of City.. Army Shows Signs Of Sympathy.. Tweets From The Ground.. Dramatic Footage.. Info: Mubarak's Rule.. Egypt's Next Leader?.. Background: What's Going On?

lunar 29.01.2011 18:25

2 Anhang/Anhänge
.....viele Plünderungen - auch das Ägyptische Museum wurde nicht verschont, das ist einfach :dumm :gomad Polizei sei nicht zu sehen gewesen und Militär war wohl auch nicht anwesend :rolleyes diese Schätze sind einfach unersetzbar und eimalig :(

lunar 29.01.2011 18:41

....nach AlJazeera scheint das Militär auf der Strasse (das sind ja meistens junge und unerfahrene) die Lage nicht meistern zu können :schwitz jedenfalls lassen sie Plünderungen geschehen, sogar bei Spitälern....das ist natürlich nicht eben vertrauenserweckend :rolleyes ausserdem scheinen Männer in zivil zu plündern die zum Geheimdienst gehören :gomad das haben Augenzeugen berichtet :gomad vielleicht ist darum die Polizei abwesend :confused:rolleyes:bad das scheint die widerliche Handlungsweise des Regimes zu sein :dumm da kann man nur hoffen dass das nicht in einem Blutbad endet :rolleyes:(

lunar 29.01.2011 18:55

«Ich glaubte, die Ethik der Manager in der Schweiz sei höher als in den USA»

Der renommierte Ökonom Robert J. Shiller hat erst die Internetblase prophezeit, dann die Immobilienblase in den USA und die Finanzkrise. Aber punkto Moral in der Schweiz hat er sich geirrt. Mehr...

Von Arthur Rutishauser, Davos. Aktualisiert vor 52 Minuten

.....alles das gleiche Pack :klo

lunar 29.01.2011 19:04

1 Anhang/Anhänge
AlJazeera: die :kotzPolizei habe Kriminelle aus dem Gefängnis geholt um Unruhe und Plünderungen usw. anzuzetteln :gomad so berichten Augenzeugen :gomad:rolleyes:schwitz

lunar 29.01.2011 21:16

Interactive Map Of Egypt Riots

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 01/29/2011 14:39 -0500

Curious to link a place with a protest you have seen on Al Jazeera (and only Al Jazeera: US "media companies" can send journos to Davos... and who can forget what Marc Faber thinks of all those who have gone to Davos... and spend $100K+ per person, but can't cover, at no cost, what is rapidly becoming the most important event of the decade) over the past two days? Here is your chance: the New York Times has put together an interactive map of Cairo highlighting the key protest areas, which also happen to be the key choke points in the geography of the Egyptian capital.

by Atch Logan
on Sat, 01/29/2011 - 14:57
Without looking at these highlight points, I hope everyone realizes, if not pointed out, that the major ones are the central bank brances!!!! Which they are burning. :confused:rolleyes:nw
Why do the Egyptians understand the problem with central banks, and Americans just twiddle along, happy and content?
Noticed the reporting of this was dropped off of the English language covering of the crises. Wonder why???

lunar 30.01.2011 10:36

Step Aside The Bernank Here Comes Timothy Jeethner: The Bears Explain Banker Bailouts And The Screwing Of The American People

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 01/29/2011 15:21 -0500

The same two bears who explained Quantitative Easing so that even the ADHD afflicted could understand Bernanke's indirect subsidies to the PDs, once again simply finance and in 6 minutes explain the core issues behind the bank bailouts. Concepts explained include the Too Bigger To Fail banks (the JP Morgan Chase Bear Stearns Washington Mutual and the Bank of America Countrywide Merrill Lynches), Goldman Sachs' HoldCo position over the US government, the "very real evil empire's" Goldman Sachs profiting on the AIG, the reason why the failed CIT's boss is the same person who bought a $70,000 desk, and why "when you constantly get the bailouts you don't care about the shame." Also explained are NY Fed boss, The Timothy Jeethner, The Change brought from The President Obama, why The Ben Bernank will not lend you money, and The Screwing Of The American People.

by Mark McGoldrick
on Sat, 01/29/2011 - 17:11
Do you work for a bank? No. Did you get any of the bailouts? No. Do you pay taxes? Yes. Then the joke is on you.

Yes, indeed, the joke is on the American people. Consider fiscal year 2008 for Goldman Sachs:

In 2008, like all the Wallagio banks, Goldman Sachs was on a rapid path towards insolvency. No matter how much Goldman denies it, they were. Otherwise, they would not have made an over-night decision to become a bank holding company (giving it access to the government's mammary glands), along with accepting loan shark terms for capital from Warren Buffet - all in the same weekend. All the dominos were falling, and Goldman had its rightful place in line.

I'm not quite sure how many dozen different bailouts, back-door bailouts, subsidies and government programs Goldman Sachs benefited from in 08/09/10, but the list would be an impressive one - from the AIG bailout to ZIRP, and everything in between, Goldman had their lips firmly clamped around Bernanke's areolae. Make no mistake about it, the American taxpayer kept Goldman alive.

While the stock market crashed in 2008, driving the pensions and retirement accounts of millions of American's into the ditch, Goldman saw "record commissions" from equities in 2008, which were even higher than the bubble-top commissions of 2007. Similarly, their asset management division saw "record management fees". Securities services achieved record net revenues, 27% above the prior record set in 2007. In short, all the volatility and panic of 2008 that turned America into an economic wasteland was very profitable for Goldman, and I haven't even bothered to mention the "Big Short" conspiracies which deserve merit.

(All of these quotes and numbers can be found on page 1 of the link provided below.)

With this as a backdrop, Goldman not only stayed solvent, they posted net earnings of over $2 billion.

How much taxes did they pay?

1% (page 5)

So while you calculate your taxes in the next few months, and you think about how hard you're working and how you're barely surviving, keep in mind that Goldman only paid a 1% tax rate in 2008. If you're paying more than 1% in taxes, you're paying more than Goldman did in 2008 with $2B in profits. To add further insult, Goldman just announced that they would be hiring in 2011 - most of it overseas. All of this, from a company that only exists because of the American taxpayer.

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