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lunar 23.01.2011 13:34

Google-Chef erhielt ein Abschiedsgeschenk

Im April macht Eric Schmidt Platz für Larry Page. Das Unternehmen hat ihm den Abgang leichter gemacht. Mehr...

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:eek :lick

lunar 23.01.2011 13:46

Lloyd And The Bernank Train For Fight Club

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 01/23/2011 00:17 -0500

Tonight's dose of the surreal.... :rolleyes

lunar 23.01.2011 18:25

Legal Highs

Auf dem Horrortrip durch Badesalz

Kräutermischungen, die in Wahrheit Rauschdrogen sind: Der Drogenmarkt bringt immer neue gefährliche Substanzen hervor. US-Fahnder schlagen jetzt Alarm. Sie warnen vor Badesalzen, die Menschen in Depression, Selbstverstümmelung und Selbstmord treiben. Von Frank Patalong mehr... [ Forum ]

Heute, 17:45 c.werner
Mein Gott, gebt doch endlich das Hanf frei .
Diese chemischen Ersatzstoffe würde dann niemand mehr kaufen. :supi

lunar 23.01.2011 18:36

Casinostadt in der Krise

"Sin City stirbt"

Atlantic City galt als Geldmaschine, als Las Vegas der US-Ostküste. Jetzt stehen die Casinos leer, teure Bauprojekte ragen unfertig in den Himmel. Die Stadt ist gepflastert mit Werbeplakaten, die den Glamour alter Tage zeigen - ihre Bewohner aber erwachen gerade aus dem amerikanischen Traum. Von Stefan Schultz, Atlantic City mehr... [ Forum ]

Heute, 18:01 weisser
Wenn man die Doku ("Obamaland ist abgebrannt..")in Phoenix am SA gesehen hat, dann wird einem ganz anders ....
Auch noch im Netz unter

lunar 23.01.2011 18:47

POMO Summary And A Sack-Frost Frontrunning Cheat Sheet

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 01/23/2011 12:06 -0500

Since the Fed has now purchased $320 billion in Treasurys since QE Lite (more than in all of QE1 combined) and $244 billion since QE 2, and the latest, but certainly not last, round of quantitative easing is more than a third done, it is once again time to provide a summary recap of what the Fed has purchased to date, as well as an advance frontrunning preview of both Monday's immediate POMO as well as of all POMO operations in the near future. Also, since the Fed no longer even cares about the optics of direct monetization as we disclosed first last week when we pointed out that Sack-Frost had monetized half of the Primary Dealer takedown from the just completed 3 year auction, the game is obviously starting to get quite dirty, and the FRBNY boys are fully convinced they can do whatever they want with impunity. Obviously, with all of a subservient puppet Congress bought off, they are absolutely right.

lunar 23.01.2011 19:13

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lunar 24.01.2011 07:41

23 January 2011

Tavakoli: No Need to Qualify - This IS a Massive Cover-up of a Control Fraud

Hard to top this for straight talk and right to the heart of the matter from someone who knows the financial markets, and especially derivatives, better than most.

From this afternoon's mailbag (with permission):
"Loved your commentary: 'The American government is acting as if it is involved in a massive cover-up of a control fraud and corruption that could perhaps be the worst in its history.'

There's no need to qualify. The government is involved in a massive cover-up of control fraud and corruption, and it is the worst in U.S. history.

We let the servants quietly steal from the wine cellar and larder (for more than a century), and after discovering that no one would check their behavior—in fact, we handed the keys to our consumables to all the servants and let them bribe the overseers—they have watered down all the wine, and they backed up the truck to the larder and replaced most of the food with jars of peanut butter.

The bad guys have won, it's almost too late to find our food and wine (5 year statute of limitations for securities fraud). As you rightly point out, those who speak up like William K. Black are marginalized.

Perhaps the most positive thing one can do at this point is try to stay on top of the anomalies created by this mess and try to preserve and increase wealth for the few that will listen."

Janet Tavakoli
Tavakoli Structured Finance

Posted by Jesse at 4:53 PM :verbeug

lunar 24.01.2011 07:51

Al-Jazeera Releases "The Palestine Papers": Thousands Of Documents Detailing A Decade Of Secret Israeli Palestinian Negotiations

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 01/23/2011 17:00 -0500

Al-Jazeera has released thousands of previously classified documents which due to their content will likely bring the already sensitive situation in the Middle East to a boil once again. While the document progenitor could well be Wikileaks, the TV network refuses to disclose the source: "Because of the sensitive nature of these documents, Al Jazeera will not reveal the source(s) or detail how they came into our possession. We have taken great care over an extended period of time to assure ourselves of their authenticity." As for what is contained: "The material is voluminous and detailed; it provides an unprecedented look inside the continuing negotiations involving high-level American, Israeli, and Palestinian Authority officials." Apparently, the disclosure is so sensitive that the ISP of the Palestinian authority has just blocked the Aljazeera site containing the early releases. We look forward to reading the documents as they are released between January 23 and 26. Judging by the prompt retaliation they will be worth the read: according to the Palestinian Authority, Al-Jazeera has just declared was on Palestinians, which intuitively makes little sense.


Brisante Geheimdokumente

Palästinenser wollten Israels Siedlungen akzeptieren

Geheimdokumente belegen das beispiellose Angebot: Im Nahost-Friedensprozess war die palästinensische Führung zu weit größeren Zugeständnissen bereit, als sie öffentlich erklärte. Die Regierung Abbas wollte auf Land verzichten, in dem israelische Siedler gebaut hatten, berichten "Al-Dschasira" und "Guardian". mehr...

Politik: 24. Januar 2011, 07:35

Aus dem Innern der Nahost-Verhandlungen

Geheimdokumente durch arabischen Nachrichtensender al-Jazira veröffentlicht

Der arabische Nachrichtensender al-Jazira hat im Stil der Enthüllungsplattform Wikileaks Geheimdokumente zu den Verhandlungen zwischen Israelis und Palästinensern veröffentlicht. Noch ist unklar, wie der Sender in den Besitz der 1600 Dokumente gelangte. ...


Secret papers reveal slow death of Middle East peace process • Massive new leak lifts lid on negotiations

lunar 24.01.2011 08:59


Deutsche zahlen drastisch weniger Kapitalsteuern

Zinsen, Dividenden, Wertpapiergeschäfte: Die Steuereinnahmen aus Kapitalerträgen sinken dramatisch. Laut einem Zeitungsbericht bekam der Fiskus 2010 rund 3,7 Milliarden Euro weniger als im Vorjahr. Erwartet hatten Finanzpolitiker eigentlich ein dickes Plus. mehr... [ Forum ]

lunar 24.01.2011 11:00

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US Levels, Rebuilds Afghan Village

Monday, January 24, 2011 – by Staff Report

'Tarok Kolache's atrocity reminiscent of Fallujah' ... The U.S. military's operation of completely wiping out the Afghan village of Tarok Kolache reminds one, of the most "brutal and savage" war crime the U.S. committed in the Iraqi city of Fallujah back in 2004 says Dahr Jamail, author and independent journalist. "My first thought upon seeing this news is that it reminds me of what I saw happen when the U.S. military completely destroyed the city of Fallujah in Iraq back in 2004," Jamail said in an interview with Press TV's U.S. Desk on Saturday. The Iraqi city of Fallujah was "largely destroyed and the population irradiated by the depleted uranium ammunitions that the U.S. used to destroy the city" he said. In October 2010, the U.S. army completely wiped out the Tarok Kolache village in Afghanistan's Kandahar to allegedly get rid of the Taliban militants in the area. However it took several months for the media to get wind of the atrocity. – Press TV

Dominant Social Theme: Villages sometimes must be destroyed to save them.

Free-Market Analysis: It has hit the Internet hard – harder than almost any other news from Afghanistan in a long time: the news that the US military had dropped 25 tons of bombs on a small Afghan village and reduced it to glazed mud. Pictures of the village, Tarok Kolache, and its fertile fields are available on the Internet. The "after" photos show the same fertile fields but no village, only a pale, lumpen plain where it had been.

Read More

:gomad das wurde anscheinend ziemlich unter den Teppich gekehrt :confused:gomad oder ich bin schlecht informiert :rolleyes

lunar 24.01.2011 13:57

Cocoa Export Ban Sends Cocoa Prices Surging, Ivory Coast Violence Expected

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 01/24/2011 07:43 -0500

As we highlighted yesterday, and predicted a week ago, following the Ivory Coast's halt of cocoa exports, futures in the substance have moved to one-year highs on Monday as "ongoing political tensions in the world's top producer escalated." The WSJ reports that "New York ICE second-month cocoa futures soared more than 4% to a one-year high of $3,340 a metric ton. In London, front-month March futures jumped 7% at the open to a five-month high of GBP2,307/ton ($3,692/ton)." We hope that our prediction that JP Morgan is the mastermind behind this most recent key commodity market implosion, made surely in jest, remains that way and that no cocoa ETF is currently being prepared by JPM without anyone's knowledge, until it is of course, too late.

lunar 24.01.2011 14:00

One Minute Macro Update

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 01/24/2011 07:47 -0500

Markets slightly off this AM amid a slew of global economic stories and a data heavy week. Today features nothing in the US economic calendar, but this week will give us Case/Shiller Home Prices Indices (Tuesday), FOMC (Wednesday), Durable Goods (Thursday), Cap Goods (Thursday), GDP (Friday), and PCE (Friday). The initial focus for the week will be the switch in FOMC voters and what that will do to the tone and language we see within the Fed’s statement. Fisher, Evans, Kocherlakota and Plosser all join the fray as Bullard, Hoenig, Pianalto, and Rosengren depart the voting. Hoenig has been the hawkish dissenter as of late, while the incoming Fisher and Plosser are seen as his likely replacements. Given the calls for better communication from the Fed – from the Fed itself – Wednesday will be fun to watch as far as drastic changes. A more splintered approach will result in more vol and more speculation about the curve in general. After that, 4Q10 GDP will be on focus for the market. S&P issues warnings on US muni bond market, expects downgrades to rise in 2011.

lunar 24.01.2011 16:08


Dutzende Tote bei Selbstmordanschlag auf Moskauer Flughafen

Bei einer Explosion auf dem Moskauer Flughafen Domodedowo sind mehr als 30 Menschen getötet worden, mindestens 100 wurden verletzt. Es soll sich um einen Selbstmordanschlag handeln - Ermittler fahnden nach drei Verdächtigen. mehr...


lunar 24.01.2011 16:13

Follow Russian Airport Explosion News Live On Sky News

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 01/24/2011 09:41 -0500

Minutes ago a suicide bomber exploded at Moscow's main domestic airport Domodedovo, killing at least 20, and according to some reports, up to 70 people, forcing a security crunch at the country's two other major airports: Sheremetyevo and Vnukovo. The Russian stock market is sharply lower following the news, in a glaring reminder of that now forgotten event of bad news being bad news. Interfax news also reports that in the aftermath of the blast, the Police is checking subways and other places of congestion of people. Elsewhere, an Etihad airlines jet was escorted with fighter jets to Stansted airport. Follow all the developments via Sky News after the jump below.

by eigenvalue
on Mon, 01/24/2011 - 09:59
This suicide bomber is a maniac and moron. He should have bombed an oilfield after telling his relatives to go long oil futures. :ironie (das war einer der harmloseren comments :oo)

lunar 24.01.2011 16:34

«Israel will keinen Frieden»

Geheimdokumente bestätigten, dass Israel an einem Abkommen gar nicht interessiert sei, sagen Nahost-Experten. Da die USA keinen Druck ausübten, werde sich an der verfahrenen Situation auch nichts ändern :mad Mehr...

Von Monica Fahmy. Aktualisiert vor 15 Minuten

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